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Hate Mail

I don't get a whole lot of hate mail, but when I do I'm reminded about the kind of people we're dealing with in the animal rights crowd.  The grammar and spelling are uniformly atrocious and the curse words would make a sailor blush.  This particular specimen is unusually pathetic.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I thought my fellow trappers should see what kind of things are being said about us.  This email is a crazed mixture of barely interpretable anti-Christian and anti-trapping profanity, so reader beware.  Harsh language ahead....

 Begin Quote:
Creationism is pure bull. The Earth is not 6,000 years old, dinosaurs did not exists 4,000 years ago and man did not co-exists with the dinosaurs. Plus there's no water dome around the Earth and water did NOT come from under the ground. So you shouldn't call the AR wackos. Look at yourself before you bash other people. You worship a cult, you follow a bible which was written by a loser who adore this horrid war causing belief. So just STFU for a minute and stop being soo hypocrite and bashing AR while you're no better. You are worshiping Adam and Eve those 2 inbred hick sister and brothers. No wonder why trappers are all hicks. You follow the book of lies called the bible written few thousands years ago by who know who. In the past people were IGNORANT they believe and worship god (a lie). I have no problem with religion accept if they are cults and used to financially exploit people, harming animals or human, pedophillia (catholic). There is no evidence for god and the bibl! e if a book of bs. If I write a book and in 2000 years later will people follow it????? NO because we have more conscious than 2000 years ago. If some loser from Rona says he was the son of god people will see him as a freak and a lunatic trying to form a cult. Jesus was just a stupid carpenter that formed a cult 2000 years ago because he self-declare messiah. People who self-declare as messiahs endup killing other HUMAN BEINGS. Look at all those people declare to be Messiah led to cult mass suicides like Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson and Shoko Asahara. All these soo called Self-declared Messiahs people were murders, suicidal and criminals. They were just like Jesus, they claim to be messiahs, seeing god and are Apocalypticist freaks. Jesus was probably the same. You put your fate on a dead person who got crucified almost 2000 years ago. Probably they nailed Jesus on a cross because he did something really wrong. What if today someone acts lik! e Jesus and declare themselves Messiahs??

 They will see them as freaks, loners with no friends and losers. Probably throw them in asylums. You are wasting your life over a lie? If god is a lie it means you wasted your life and your cult belief Christianity is based on FEAR. Wanna see what kind of people trappers are and how they dispatch their catch? This will be the shocking results if PM wouldn't be use. I've got emails from trappers I have never interacted with and you'll see They are truly animal hater. No he didn't sent to me only. He posted on many AR forums that I am not a member nor heard of it. Before I show. I am not PETA, not HSUS, I do not collect from AR sites. I'm an individual and having a mind of my own. Something you lack in.!!
I collect evidence from TRAPPERS not PETA.

Trappers are evil because they claim I'm a vegan and bash against vegan and vegetarian. They prejudice against black people or Arab people calling them the sand N word because of the Israel fur ban. They claim I am an Arab and say filthy racial things against people having nothing to do with me or the antis. They worship Ted Nugent which he is a racist, poacher and a scum of the Earth. Your live must suck if you lack in creativity? In conclusion trappers are very white supremancists and most of them are white people. Bible is evil and they allow slavery. 

End Quote


  1. I was fine with everything he said until he started bashing Ted Nugent . . . now that just isn't right! LOL!

  2. This is the sort of person who will go postal some day and cause the very sort of people he hates to get blamed by the national media. (He ain't the only strange one!)

  3. Well I bet this POS has a mother that should of never stopped washing his mouth with soap.

    Comparing Jesus Christ our savior to Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones?

    What I read in this letter is a very disturbed man much like the troubled young man who took shots at a Congresswoman, Judge and ended up killing 7 people named Jared Loughner .

    What you have is a very mentally disturbing person writing you hate mail. Sleep with one eye open.

    This guy gives me the creeps sorry!

  4. Now I'm not sure I followed that whole diatribe in its entirety, but ummm... What was he talking about?

    There is little rationality in the AR movement. I have dealt with them for years and for every one that has at least a logical construct for their belief system, there are dozens and dozens that haven't a clue.

    If yomeall haven't done so already, feel free to coem visit me at my blog, just click on the hog scouting link. There are a few posts on the AR loons on the most popular column on the right hand side!

    Best Regards,
    Albert Rasch In Afghanistan™
    Albert Scouts for Hog!

    PS: Ian at The Wild Life blog sent me and I'll be spotlighting you on the nesxt Rodeo!

  5. Just another example of how Schizophrenia is among us. The condition will get worse until they seek or are given treatment.
    Don't work too hard trying to understand the meaning of it all. You can't help them or even explain anything to them.

  6. I wonder if this person realizes that the plants he/she eats are killed to provide thier food.
    Plants have been proven to have way more senses than are apparent. Some scientists suggest they even have feelings. Study some plant studies and this person may have to go on a water diet. Even the seeds contain life beyond our understanding.

    This person just does'nt realize they have been choosen to be atop the food chain.