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Utah Rejects Extended Trap Check

The Wildlife Board of Utah recently rejected a proposal to change the ordinance that requires coyote trappers to check traps every 2 days.  The proposal, put forth by some hunters and landowners concerned about coyote populations, sought to extend the trap check to 7 days.  Frankly, I'm glad the proposal failed.  An entire week is way too long between trap checks when using footholds.  I can't imagine why anyone would propose such a change, but the only result was negative publicity.  This is a case of asking too much, and giving the anti-trapping crowd a chance to call into question our commitment to humane practices.  No matter how wrong the antis are, we need to be committed to reasonable and humane trapping laws.

Read the story here:  Utah Wildlife Board Rejects Proposal.   

1 comment:

  1. I have to say that in my opinion that asking to have seven days before a trap check is required is not only cruel but it is also lazy. Glad to here that the law did not pass as well.