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First PA Fisher Season in 90 Years

Ron Weller with a PA fisher
Jeremiah Wood over at Trapping Today posted a link to a good story on Pennsylvania's first fisher season in 90 years.  I thought I'd pass it along here.  The five day season was designed to limit any great impact on the small but growing fisher population in PA, but it's great to see new opportunities opening up.  This is a hopeful sign for the future for PA trappers.  I don't trap in the areas where the season was limited, so I didn't get a crack at fisher trapping this year.  I'm hopeful that opportunities will expand and I'll have my chance soon enough.  With the ongoing battle we need to fight to preserve the opportunities we have, it's a bit of good news to see those opportunities expand, even if it's just a little step.

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  1. Ronnie Weller dun got him a big ol wrassler up that nek a the woods boy