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When Dirt Holes Aren't Clicking

This article comes from Tim Caven, expert trapper and owner of Minnesota Trapline Products.  It's an excellent illustration of post and walk through sets.  Thanks Tim! 

For speed reasons I have a habit of putting in 80% or more dirtholes on an initial set up in a new area. I generally convert traps that make a catch to post, rub, flat, or walk through sets on the remake. In Texas a couple weeks ago it very quickly became apparent that the critters weren't up for the old dirt hole scene real well. The vast majority of our coyotes and bobcats were caught in post, rub, and walk through sets. Just wanted to share a few pictures with you in case you run into a similar situation on your line.  Pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Post/Rub/walk through set

Coyotes were marking this bush....natural post....no lure needed:

Post/walk through set remake after coyote catch. Dobbins Purrrfect on side of post, Skunk Junk on top of the post:

Post/walk through set remake after bobcat catch. Lenons Bobcat Natures Call on Post:

Post Set that took a coyote the next day. Beaver Castor on post.

Post/Rub set that took a bobcat on the first check. Beaver castor and Lenons Coyote Natures Call on post.

Post/Walk through set took this cat. Violator 7 on post.

My Texas partner Dave Campbell just called and said that the coyotes are back to hitting dirtholes like crazy the past couple days. The pictured sets do have their place when the critters get fussy.

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