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New Trap Design by Tony Hursman

Tony is a contributor to this site and a very experienced trapper.  For the last three years he has been testing and perfecting his new traps which are now available to the public.  Based on his experience, Tony has incorporated some unique design features that trappers will appreciate.  That's what you get from a trap designed by a trapper.  Tony provided some of the following info and pics as a preview. 

The trap is made of 1 1/2" 14 gauge square steel and measures 5" long.  It comes with 6" chain, two swivels, and a stabilizer, and has a centered push type trigger. This trap can be set with one finger making it easy to set for trappers of all ages. All mechanisms are on the inside of the trap, including fully enclosed springs, which eliminates external damage and freeze up. This trap is light weight and compact even in comparison to other dog-proof traps.  The interesting part is the design of the trap door. When a raccoon is caught and pulls it will tighten the door, when the raccoon lets up the door will relax causing minimal (if any) damage to the foot. If the raccoon pushes down on the trap it will only be caught deeper in the trap. The coons that Tony caught during testing still had circulation in the caught foot with no damage.  Tony reports having no pullouts during testing, and releasing a coon is as easy as pushing the door open with a stick or similar object. The bottom of the trap is open so you don`t have a clogged up trap after use, and they are easy to clean.  The trap is cost efficient at $13.95 and looks like it has better features than many other dog-proof traps on the market.

The manufactuer is HD Outdoors LLC, owned by Jason and Jessica Vandergriff, located at 3593 4th Street, Owensville, MO, 65066.  Orders and inquiries can be sent to demo33@fidnet.com.  The traps can also be ordered at The Trapboard.

Give this trap a try and support an innovative trapper!

All pics can be enlarged.


Tony also sent this short video that explains some of the features and benefits of his trap design.  His roosters get a little rowdy toward the end :-)  His video is also available on YouTube at this link.  Thanks Tony!

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