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Israel to Debate a National Ban on Fur Trade

The Israeli Knesset is set to debate a bill on September 2 that would place a national ban on the production, processing, import, export and sale of animal fur products.  Although the Israeli fur trade is tiny, animal rights activists are hailing this bill as an example for other countries to follow.  "A ban on all fur throughout the country would be a world first -- a major stand against the animal cruelty inherent in the worldwide fur trade -- and it would set an example that other countries would look to and follow," says a statement by Humane Society International, an animal rights organization which sent two officials to testify before a Knesset committee in Israel this year. 

Ronit Tirosh, the originator of the bill, is confident it will pass.  "The chances of it becoming law are very high. I started a long time ago, and we took it step by step," she told AOL News. "I hope that many other countries will follow us. The world is moving forward regarding the rights of animals."  The story at AOL news can be read here.

This is a stark reminder about how much ground the animal rights crowd is gaining.  If it can happen there it can happen here, and you can bet that the leftist wackos already have a strategy in place to push similar legislation in the USA.  It is now more important than ever for trappers to support the fur industry and become active members in local trapping associations.  Make your voice heard.  If we are silent, they win. 

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