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Trapping Show Coming to TV

     It's hard to believe, but starting this summer trappers will now be able to enjoy a TV program dedicated entirely to trapping!  The following announcement with all the pertinent details was posted to the Trapperman forums by Alan Probst:

Fellow Trappers,

I am writing this with much joy and also to inform you that for the first time ever....there will be a Nationally Broadcast TV show reaching over 32 million HH's starting in July of 2010 that will focus on nothing but trapping and the trapping industry. This is the first of its kind and all 00:28:30 of each show will be dedicated to the promotion of trapping, furbearers, the fur industry and the debunking of anti-myths on trapping abroad. I/We as a group could definitely use the support of everyone in the trapping community on this. Any and all ideas pertaining to the show will be received with open arms.

The show will be broadcast on In_Country_Television (ICTV) which can be found on basic subscription packages on DirecTV channel 344 and Dish Network channel 230 which as stated earlier reaches over 32 million HH's. This is a big day in trapping history and the approach of the show is education and sportsman awareness to the benefits that trapping produces for not only trappers, hunters, but also sportsmen in general.

We will be airing F&T's North American Trapper starting in July of this year. The format is 13 Original episodes that will run through the end of September and those original 13 episodes will be rebroadcast until the end of December 2010.

The show will air twice a week with its Primetime slot on Sunday evening's at 11:00pm EST and another timeslot at 6:30am EST on either Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun. (TBD)

This show would not be possible without our title sponsor who is F&T's Fur Harvester's Trading Post and they should be commended for their support of such a venture. Duke Traps is also on board for the duration of this show at this time and should be commended as well.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this as this is not an economical decision on my part to host this but an environmental aspect of my being. I am a trapper, you are all trappers and everyone should understand the reasons that we do what we do. This is our opportunity to partake in this procedure together and show that the anti-myths that abound on a daily basis are not the real world nor do they have an environmental value to society. I look forward to all of your support on this, your ideas on this and your candidness on this as we progress through this journey together as one!

Many thanks.

Alan Probst

(original post found here on Trapperman) 


  1. Thats awesome can't wait to watch the program

  2. Yeah, with all the hunting shows on TV I have thought for a long time...why doesn't someone do a trapping show? I'll bet it will get a lot more viewers than expected. I'll be one of them!