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Girls Do It Too!

by Danielle Madore in Connecticut

     Have you ever met a lady fur trapper? Well now you have! I have been a fur trapper for the better part of my life and enjoy all facets of it. Fur trapping is more than just a hobby it is a lifestyle and I am living it!
    Trapping for me is both exciting and challenging in many ways. With all things considered I find that I enjoy it much more than hunting. If you think about it the need to lure or draw the animal to swim through or step on an area that is so small in comparison to its habitat makes it challenging. To accomplish this you need to have skill, knowledge, and lots of planning. I personally get the biggest rush to see all of the hard work pay off when you go for the morning check and your catch is there waiting.
    Being a woman trapper has its ups and downs. The downside for the most part is the lack of strength to accomplish certain tasks. For instance, lugging equipment in and out of the woods and swamps; or bringing the catches back to the truck each day can be tough. To me all that means is more trips to the truck! Some of the upsides of being a woman involved in this sport are the trapping locations seem to come easy, and there usually is a helping hand if you need it. I think that the good really out weighs the bad.
    Finding a woman fur trapper seems to be rare these days and maybe it always has been.  I plan on staying out there for many more years to come, and while doing what I love, try to change a few people perceptions of what a fur trapper should be!


  1. HI there, my name is Ashley and I am learning to trap. I am going into taxidermy and I would like to become a successful trapper. I'm doing pretty good but I am having a hard time finding gloves and waders that help with scent and fit me at the same time. Do you have any recommendations?