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Minnesota Trapline Products

     Review by Tim Caven

     The following info was sent to me by Tim Caven, the owner of Minnesota Trapline Products. Before you read a little about Tim's story in his own words, let me just say that the Caven family and MTP are about the best in the business. I've had nothing but good experiences with MTP in the past, and it's wonderful to see a family working together supporting the trapping industry. I'm sure Tim is a busy guy, but he took the time to interact with me by email and write up a short history of MTP. Thanks Tim! Best wishes and every blessing to the Caven family and MTP.

Minnesota Trapline Products was founded in Wabasha Minnesota in October of 1978 by Tim Caven. In 1983 Nancy and Tim were married and moved the business to Pennock Minnesota. Nancy worked nights as a nurse and Tim worked days as a truck driver during the early years and the one that was home ran the business. We long ago left our other jobs behind and plunged full time into the trapping supply business. We started in the trap manufacturing business in 1994 with the MB-750 being our first trap. We have since added many more traps to our Minnesota Brand Line as well as heavy duty trap accessories. In 2009 we purchased the Bridger Trap Company from Terry and Jody Montgomery. 
We are lucky to have our daughter Erin (24) and son Rob (21) working by our side daily. Our youngest son Sam (18) is going to college for Manufacturing Engineering and hopes to join the company in 4 years after graduation. We have been blessed with a great crew including our long time employees Mike and Jeff. Both are very seasoned and knowledgeable in the world of trapping & trap supplies. Other valued employees are Brian, Joe, Chris, Randy, Cody, and Casey. We are thankful that each day we wake up we get to work at something we enjoy and love, we are blessed for sure.

 Tim with a tail caught beaver in a MB-750 trap.

Erin and Nancy Caven on their 'coon line.

Rob Caven with a Carolina coyote

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