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Duke DP Update

Hi folks.  I mentioned in a previous post that I've been fooling around with Duke dog proof traps for the first time this season.  I've just sprinkled them in along my 'coon line here and there alongside my usual spread of foothold traps, just to see how they compare in terms of ease of use, catch rate, etc.

It takes literally no time at all to punch in a set with a DP trap compared to making a traditional dirt hole or trail set with a foothold.  I'm amazed at how much easier it is.  While a few of my dirt hole sets got washed out by heavy rain, the DP's stayed perfectly operational.  Also, I experienced no pull-outs with the DP traps.

Just as a little experiment I made a few 'coon sets side-by-side:  a dirt hole set with tuna as bait and a DP trap with marshmallows as bait.  So far the DP trap / marshmallow bait combination has outperformed my dirt holes.

I see no downsides to the Duke DP traps so far, and if they keep performing this way I may just use them exclusively on my 'coon line next year.

Best wishes, and tight chains!


  1. Looks likem a good catch and no blood.

  2. I like how the raccoons won't chew when caught with these traps. It's a bonus for me to be able to relase a small raccoon and not have it with a goofed up paw.

    This morning I had a nice sow with both front paws in the trap. She sure looked silly!

  3. I started using these last spring, having had no trapping experience. Easy to use. I use dry cat food instead of marshmellows because of our ants and heat in FL, and they worked great. Very effective on possums, too.

    I wrote about it, of course!

    Hope all is well!!!

  4. Just a word of advice learned the hard way on the trap line. Make sure that there are no sticks or trees within reach of the trap circle. I had a raccoon wrap the cable and chain around a branch 7-8 times and then was able to apply leverage against the springs and it got out. Other than that love this style for coons.

  5. Did you use any kind of urine or anything besides a marshmellow

  6. Well I set some dp dukes out last night round 5p.m. and I just checked them at 5:30a.m. one of them was pulled out of the ground and had blood all over it but no coon. So far this is the only problem ive had with it.