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The Cubby Set

Thanks again to J.C. Desclos for another informative article from his forum Swamp Talk.  In this article J.C. illustrates several variations of the cubby set, which is especially effective when targeting raccoons.  If you've never visited Swamp Talk I'd encourage you to check it out.  There's some good info over there about hunting, trapping and homesteading.  Thanks J.C. 

The Cubby Set

Cubbies can be made out out of wood, wire, rocks, plastic buckets or natural materials found on site. They are equally effective with both footholds and body grippers. Cubbies work well because they funnel the animal through the trap to get to the bait and the cubby shelters the trap and bait from the elements which keeps it operating in bad weather.

Here's a few cubby set examples.  All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Made from Natural materials found on site:

Cubby made from wire and covered with debris found on site:

A wooden box used as a cubby:

Natural caverns, crevices and hollow logs make great cubby set locations:

 Old junk found around abandoned farmsteads can be used as cubbies. I catch fur at this barrel every year.

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  1. Thanks for the info, especially the pictures. I'll have to include some cubby sets with my trapping supplies this year.