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Bank Hole Set for 'Coon

Tony Hursman illustrates a simple and effective looking set for 'coon along creek banks.  Thanks Tony!

I like to make these sets where there is alot of different sign around a certain area.  My main target with this set is raccoon, but this type of set is also attractive to fox, coyotes, mink, otter, and even bobcat.  Obviously, all animals must have water to survive. When scouting ponds, creeks and streams you will find that there are certain spots were many animals will come for water and look for food.  All watering spots may not be visited by all species but there are spots that seem to draw different animals. What the draw is to a certain spot I dont know, but it is there whatever it is.  The first pic shows where I have dug a hole about 6 to 8 inches in diameter and about 12 inches deep. The bigger hole draws alot of interest from all animals.  All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The second pic shows the trap beds with the traps I will use at this set.  I stake each trap at its full chain length to the right and left, which keeps the animal or animals from tangling up in the chains, and prevents one animal from getting caught in both traps.

The next pic shows the traps in their beds with some guiding added.  A large rock placed between the traps forces the animals to one side or the other. This will also help to score doubles on coon.

The next pic shows the traps covered and every thing in place except a little more guiding on either side.

This pic shows some added blocking to further push them on to one trap or the other.  This makes them choose a point to enter the hole to the left or right.  This pic shows the completed set.

The last pic shows the set from across the small creek along with the large amount of animal sign that is all along the banks and shore line.

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