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The Tele-Trap Notifier

We've come a long way in the technology we use on the trapline, and here's the latest example: the Tele-Trap Notifier.  It's basically a device that can be attached to any cage trap that will send a cell phone message to you when the trap is fired.  I don't think the average trapper will find much use for a device like this.  After all, walking your line in the early morning light to check your sets is half the fun of trapping (plus the fact that this sucker costs $350 a pop).  However, I can see how this device would be useful to professional ADC trappers.  It may save a lot on costly trips to visually check traps in remote locations, and time is money to the professional nuisance trapper.  I can also see how this device would benefit wildlife control companies that put out many traps in multiple locations throughout suburbia.  The device would seem limited to use on cage traps, too, although the manufacturers claim it can be used with foothold traps and conibears (I can't really see how that would work so well, but that's what they claim).  But cage traps, of course, are one of the main tools of nuisance trappers.  You won't see me giving up the pleasure of checking my traps, but I can see how this technology would be a great benefit in some situations.  You can check it out here.   


  1. I've read of western goverment wolf trappers doing research using such a devise to help cut down on empty checks. Allowing them to make the trip only when a catch was made. Would'nt it be nice to turn the pc on in the AM and see where each catch was made? I'd love it. Many more traps could be managed using this method.

  2. You're right Kip, it would be convenient especially on some of those mornings when it's hard to get out of bed. But, doesn't the suspense of checking traps make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning? I like walking over a ridge knowing I'll see my set any second and having that feeling of suspense!

  3. Yes I like the suspense of checking traps. I suppose that not knowing what was caught would be suspense enough for me. Knowing which sets have hit would just save a pile of time and allow a trapper enough suspense to keep things interesting, effiecent and fun.
    When I have traps out, there are very few mornings that it's hard to get out of bed.
    Simply a matter of effiecency and would allow the least amount of time possible spent in the trap for animal, which is important to me.
    A farm dog released asap is a bonus any way you cut it. The sooner the check is finished the more steel can be laid. When running wide open all time is money. But of coarse I don't trap for the money, just to cover costs and get some more traps so I'll be ready when the fur boom returns.lol

  4. Yeah, I guess if we had nothing else in the world to do except trap we wouldn't mind so much if we wasted a little more time on the trapline! Boy, that's a nice thought....nothing else in the world to do but trap....maybe when the fur boom returns I'll quit my job and try it! lol