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PA District 3 Trapper's School

District 3 of the PA Trapper's Association held their annual Trapper's School today, and what a great day it was.  Some experienced guys taught some very helpful demos covering the whole range of furbearing species in the area.  Basically it's a day full of demos with a good lunch and a good opportunity to make some new friends and catch up with some old ones.  If your local district doesn't have an event like this it is a great thing to consider starting.  Some folks can't always make it out to see the demos at state or national conventions, but a local event like this makes it easier, and there's nothing better than hands-on instruction from guys who really know their stuff.    

John Wilkinson doing a beaver demo

Doug Bergman demonstrating cable restraints

"Best Grub East of the Pecos"


  1. Notice how the grub is always the most popular feature of any event?

  2. Yeah, very true. At every trapping event I've been to I've always eaten well!