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Grandpa Jake's Lures

review by James Holm

     I had the good fortune of being asked to try out a new line of lures this past fall. I was approached by the owner of Grandpa Jake's Lures, Willie Jacobson, and was asked to test out some new lures he had formulated and needed some input on them. I of course jumped at the chance to try out some brand new stuff on my own line. I was sent several different smells and also different animal smells as well. I was given raccoon, muskrat, and some K9 stuff in the form of regular urine and some power urine as well.
     These lure’s arrived after my season had begun, and when I got them I started a new branch of my existing line to run these exclusively and to fairly give only the best feedback I could. I ran a line for coons and mink with some and some fox sets with the others. The coon and mink lure was a good producer for me and the fox sets had lots of interest and if not for my mistakes would have produced for me. I managed to catch raccoons, mink, muskrats and had fox dancing on my traps. Misplaced stones caused me to miss the fox. I would say that these lures are ready for all to try. Anyone wanting info or if you want to try them for your self contact Willie at:
The full line is available here and phone contact is available as well. More lures are coming soon along with a predator bait.

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