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Bienville Outdoors

My name is Justin Rogers from Morton MS and I am the owner of Bienville Outdoors. Bienville Outdoors was started as a nuisance trapping company and also as a means of the sale of raccoon carcasses for table fare to people in the surrounding area, and just because I love doing anything that has to do with the outdoors. And I just wanted a way to share my outdoor experiences with every one. Bienville Outdoors is a family friendly, Christian based company that can be viewed by all. The name comes from the Bienville National Forest where we live and where I have hunted and played my whole life. I have always wanted to be involved in the outdoors no matter what I was doing. From hunting, fishing, to trapping I have done it all, but trapping has always been at the top of the list.

As a young person I always enjoyed sharing information and taking about outdoor activities with others. I have been doing some writing on the side for several outdoor magazines over the last few years, but I want a way to be able to offer more and hear more from other people. So I decided to come up with Bienvilleoutdoorsmen.com, a web site for everyone interested in the outdoors. I decided not only to include trapping information but to include information on all type of outdoor activities.

I have also always taken pride in doing something myself and being successful at it. So several years ago I decided to make my own lures to use on my trap line. After several trial and error runs, I came up with a few things that worked for me and decided to offer them to other trappers to help increase their success rate. While no lure or bait will produce 100 percent of the time, these I have come up with work fairly well for me. Since raccoons were my main focus at the time, that was the animal that I really focused on making lure for. But, we do have several others that will be added at a later date. We will also be adding several hunting products to the site as well.

I also encourage any one to send us pictures that we can put on the site for others' viewing pleasure.

As far as trapping goes, beaver, coon, otter and bobcat are my main focuses. These four animals are very plentiful in the swamps that surround my trapping area. And that’s what I tend to write about the most. So please stop by and visit the site or give us a call.  Bienville Outdoors

Justin and his son

Bienville Forest in Spring

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