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Kip Feroce and "Good Energy"

by CJ Williams

     I recently enjoyed a few days at the 73rd PA Trapper's Association convention held June 17-20 in Washington County, PA.  I love state conventions.  I always make a lot of new friends, spend way too much money, and learn a ton from the demos.  The PA convention featured some big-name guys doing demos, like Kirk DeKalb, Mark June, Tracy Truman and Clint Locklear.  However, the one that stuck in my mind was done by a guy I just met this year, Kip Feroce, from Western PA.  Kip has been trapping for 33 seasons and did a Canine demo.
     What I liked about Kip's method is it's simplicity.  He talked about punching in basic dirthole sets at good locations, and keeping the bait and lure selection simple.  Kip has researched Coyote habits in PA and said that deer organs, meat and fat are the best bait for Coyotes.
     The most interesting thing he discussed is leaving "good energy" at your sets.  I know, it sounds a little too mystical or weird for some to believe, but hey, when a guy has this much experience you have to give him a hearing.  Kip said that the trapper's attitude and confidence (his "good energy") plays a factor in how successful he is, and I believe it.  If you make a set in a hurry, don't take time to enjoy what you're doing, and have no confidence when you leave it....well, according to Kip, there's no good energy.  (I was waiting for him to use the word "karma" but he never did).  I think he is on to something.  Call me crazy, but animals have certain senses that we know not of.  Maybe, just maybe, that animal can read something about the "energy" left behind by the trapper.  Maybe we do leave something more than our scent in the woods.  Who knows, but one thing I do know is that making sets you have confidence in makes trapping a whole lot more exciting, whether the animal knows anything about your "energy" or not.
     Thanks to Kip and all the other great demos by true experts, this convention was a great learning experience.  If you've never been to a state or national convention I'd urge you to go.  You'll get some "good energy" just being there!

Kip Feroce doing his canine demo


  1. Thanks for your kind words. "Use the Force Luke"

  2. Thanks for visiting here Kip! By the way, if you want to do a write-up of your canine demo I'd love to publish it here. Keep in touch if you're interested.