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Flat Sets

by Wade in Georgia

These are just a few pics on how i do a flat set. I used a scent egg for this one but this is what I do no matter what I use, be it a bone, rock, charred piece of wood, etc. Around here I use flat sets almost exclusively because of the hard clay type of ground we have. We also have alot of rain in the winter and rain will not effect this kind of set in any way.

First thing I do is dig out the trap bed just slightly larger than the trap. You can see the bed is the shape of the trap I am using.

Next I put some loose dirt in the bottom of the bed and make it bowl shaped and lay the trap in there and give it a wiggle to make sure it is solid. I push on each jaw and on each lever to make sure it does not move at all.

Next I sift dirt over the trap and then carefully with my trowel expose the pan so i can see it and then pack the dirt down with my hands all around the trap inside and out of the jaws so everything feels natural.

I then take and sift a little more dirt on top of the trap to get the pan under about 1/4"-1/2" of dirt. The pan will be the lowest spot in the trap bed by about a 1/2" and then I blend the set in with ground duff by sifting it through my sifter and moving it were I want it with my hands. To give you an idea the pan is about 2" offset and 6"-7" back from the egg.

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