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An Effective Staking System

by "Yoteguts" in central Illinois

This system has worked great for me from soupy mud to frozen crust 3 to 6 inches deep.  I have changed things a little this year.  I have gone to #3 chain and 5/8ths lock washers on my chain stakes. The #2 chain seemed a little weak in the frozen ground and I never did like the little s-hooks on the stake head.  I use finned super stake with retrieval cable.

The set up.

Drive it in with a pilot hole first in frozen ground.

To pull the trap dig down and find the cable, about 4 inches.

Hook puller on and pull it out.  Simple and easy as pie.

 To clean the dirt out of the stake I made this handy little tool.

There you go, all ready for the next set.

Got to have a catch pic....

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