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Logging Roads, Lanes and Laminations

The following video review is from James Holm.  Thanks, James, for another good contribution to TSR.

I was recently given the chance to view a new coyote trapping video released by Blackdog productions along with some trap modification footage as well. The video was shot in northern Wisconsin on public
land by Troy Erickson of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The trap mod portion is shot in Jason Dufresne’s shop in Minnesota.

This video is really not just another coyote numbers, "look what I caught" video. Troy goes into detail on how the animals in this big timber area are funneling and traveling through these areas and why they are moving the way they are. He covers traps, tools, sets, remakes, lure and bait along with some ideas that made me stop and think that even a water trapper like me might be able to catch a coyote by following his methods. Not to say that there is any earth shattering change to the coyote trapping world as we know it. but it is well put together and the information in it is as solid as it gets if you want to catch coyotes in the big timber or anywhere else they may be roaming. Troy is definitely a driven trapper who has no mercy on the coyote populations of Wisconsin!

The trap modification portion of this video is shot on location in the shop of the premier trap modification man in the business, Jason Dufresne. It shows the basic mods needed for animal comfort as well as trap speed and strength, turning your everyday trap into “a lifetime tool”. The finished products that Jason has been turning out over the course of the 2 years I have been acquainted with him are second to none. His work speaks for itself. This portion of the video is worth the price alone.

For more information contact Troy at www.blackdogproduction.net




  1. I am going to order it and check it out for myself. Thanks.

  2. Finally got around to ordering the video and sat down and watched it the other evening. I contacted Jason and am ordering one of those guides and files for night latching the dog.

  3. Ever tried coyote hunting under a sheet? Under a full moon I put on HECS clothing (this explains it) lay under a sheet in a field with a predator call with a 12 gauge with buck shot and wait for them to come in. It's pretty intense!