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NTA Action Alert on Grey Wolf Legislation

Hi folks.  Maybe you've received this email from the NTA, but in case you haven't I'm passing it along in the hope that many of you will contact your legislators. 

 Action Alert
The NTA needs your help!

Big Game Forever, a coalition of several organizations, including the NTA, is currently working with friends in Congress to remove the grey wolf from the endangered species list. We have the antis worried! They have called for their supporters to contact legislators to oppose these bills, S. 249 and H.R. 509. We need you to counter that effort with one of our own! Please contact your Congressman and Senators and show support for this precedent setting legislation. Help return wolf management to the states! Any letters, e-mails or phone calls to Washington will help. If you need addresses just go to congress.org for contact information for your individual representatives, or log on to biggameforever.org and add your name to their petition. Karen and I will be in Washington DC Feb 16th making visits but we need you to help! If you have received this e-mail, you are just a few mouse clicks away from showing your support as well.

Please help us fight the fight!

Dave Linkhart, Director of National and International Affairs, National Trappers Association

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