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Chicago Hires Coyotes for Rodent Control

Lately the news is filled with stories of coyotes roaming urban areas and causing a stir among protective parents, so I was a little surprised to come across this story.  Officials in Chicago are actually releasing GPS collared coyotes on city streets at night in order to combat the rodent population.  In reference to concerns about this tactic, one Chicago animal control official said of the coyote, "He's not a threat.  He's not going to pick up your children."

So, while some cities are hiring animal control specialists to trap and remove them, Chicago is actually employing them.  It's a funny world we live in.....



  1. This is simply not true! These coyotes were already living in Chicago. They were simply captured and fitted with GPS collars to monitor their activity for research purposes. They were not "released" from elsewhere to control the rodent population.

  2. Well, that's interesting. The news article indicates that they were purposely released. Quote: "Coyotes, equipped with a GPS collar, are being released in downtown Chicago at silent hours of the night to help the city battle pesky rodent populations." Do you have some first-hand information that would indicate otherwise? Now I'm curious!

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