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Loss of a Legend

Dean Wilson, a model trapper if there ever was one, died in his Alaska home at age 69.  A prominent fur buyer and legendary trapper in the interior of Alaska, Wilson was called "the father of fur" by many who knew him.  He taught and encouraged many young trappers, was prominent and active in the Alaska Trapper's Association, and wrote The Alaska Trapper's Handbook.  "He threw his heart at trapping," said his son, Dean.  "Ever since I grew up he supported us by trapping."

By all accounts, Mr. Wilson worked hard to give trapping and trappers a good name.  A devout Christian and regular churchgoer, Wilson was known for his integrity.  Dave Bruss, his longtime trapping partner, told of times when Wilson would send rebate checks to people he bought fur from because he sold it for more profit than he anticipated.

Mr. Wilson was the first person inducted into the Alaska Trapper's Hall of fame in 1997, and was inducted into the National Trapper's Hall of Fame in 2009.

With Dean Wilson's passing the trapping community literally lost a legend.  He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by many.


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