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Hunting Arguments by Tom Rakow

In my internet wanderings I came in contact with Dr. Tom Rakow, the author of Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue.  He was kind enough to send me a copy, which I read with great interest.  This book is an excellent defense of hunting from a Biblical perspective, and it is very easy to read.  Although he focuses on hunting, the same arguments in the book apply just as much to trapping, fishing, etc. 

The main premise of the book is that God endowed mankind with dominion over the lesser creatures, and they were created for our wise use and benefit.  Dr. Rakow brings both common sense and Biblical truth together in a cogent argument that exposes the fallacies of the "animal rights" movement.  He also makes positive arguments on the benefits and necessity of hunting.

This book is designed for the average reader, and I appreciated the fact that each chapter includes discussion questions for small group study.  If you want to be a more informed hunter or trapper, this book is very well worth $14.95.  I highly recommend it!

You can order the book at this link:  Hunting Arguments

And here is a helpful review and summary of the book from Crescent News website:
Book Shows that God Approves of Hunting


  1. May have to check that one out. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Hi Ian. I'm sure you will like it. It's really one of the best things I've read related to hunting. Thanks for stopping by!