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Pro-Fur Friday on November 26

The PETA wackos have declared Friday November 26 "Fur-Free Friday" and plan to hold "events to educate holiday shoppers about the cruel fur industry."  I'm sure the throngs of shoppers competing for iPods and Barbie Dolls will be happy to stop and hear about how animals are people too.  Anyway, if you happen to be among the brave souls who go shopping on that day, try to wear some kind of fur garment, or take along your wife and ask her to wear that beautiful fox coat you had made for her (you did have one made for her, didn't you?)  We can support the fur industry by making fur more visible.  Why should the wackos be proactive while we trappers sit on the sidelines and shake our heads?  Let's make November 26 "Pro-Fur Friday."  After I check my traps in the morning and skin my catch in the afternoon, I just might find the courage to go to the mall wearing my 'coon skin cap.

 Image from USA Foxx & Furs
    Nothing looks better on a lady...

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