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Conibear Sets for Marten

Bruce T. from Northern Maine illustrates a simple conibear set for marten.  If your regulations allow it, this set looks very effective and easy to make.  Thanks Bruce!

Here's how I make my marten sets with the new regulations here in Maine.  The bait must be at least 4 feet in the air and on a tree no bigger than 4 inches and no more slanted then 45 degrees.  I mostly just use upright trees.  I wire the bottom inside jaw to the tree then wire the bait just above the jaws of the trap. Then simply set the conibear.  Wrap the cable around the tree up above and set putting one loop on the cable through the other loop and hook to the trap.  Cut 4 or 5 evergreen branches and lay them over the bait so the outer tips lay just onto the conibear creating a funnel over the bait and conibear.  Simply wrap a piece of wire on the back end of the evergreens around the tree above the bait to hold the evergreen branches in place.  The following pics show the sequential steps to make this set and can be enlarged by clicking on them.


  1. have you taken any Fisher in this type of set.

    1. looks like a fisher in the trap to me!!!