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Bridge Trap Set for Raccoon and Mink

Bridges form a natural bottleneck on the travel routes of all kinds of critters that run the water's edge.  These locations can be real hot spots on your 'coon or mink line.  Thanks to "ADC" from Iowa for this article on making sets at bridge crossings.

The first pic shows the location of a trap set I had out last season.  At this location I will be using a Duke no.11 double long spring trap and will use egg shells for scent and bait. This is a natural corridor for both coon and mink. This is what I call a critter super highway.  All pics can be enlarged.

The next pic shows the trap placement and how I have blocked the set down to force the mink or coon over the trap.  I used material already available at the site, in this case, a few big concrete chunks.

The next pic shows the trap after it has been sifted with fine dirt. All large objects that could be caught in the jaws of the trap have been removed.  Egg shells have been added for scent and sight appeal.  Now the set is done with the dirt spread out, the egg shells added and the blocking in place to force the animal into the set.  I took 2 fox, 1 mink and 27 coon from this exact spot last year.

Here is a picture of the finished set from the other end of bridge.

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