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An Insider's Perspective on the Fur Trade

The International Fur Trade Federation is an organization that promotes the fur industry and supports trapping in many ways.  They have an interesting website where I recently came across an article called "A Life in the Fur Trade - An Insider's Perspective." (link) The article is about the career and experiences of Andreas Lenhart, the chairman of IFTF.  I found this quote by him especially interesting:
“The biggest challenges I have experienced are without a shadow of a doubt the actions of animal rights organizations” says Lenhart: “It shocked me deeply to see how they attacked our trade in a very disrespectful and non-negotiable way. The violent attacks on people as well as businesses were an absolute downside of my life in the fur trade.  It still saddens me that the attacks had no ethics, no dignity, no room for conversation or respect. Despite the hard work and love for their industry, the reputation of countless family businesses was contaminated.  Feeling that you almost had to apologize to belong to your trade was hard to bear and is fundamentally unjust.”
“On the upside, it is heart-warming to see that lots of people, in and around the industry stayed loyal.  Family driven businesses, great retailers, distributors, dynamic and refreshing designers, editors of countless magazines, and - let’s not forget - loyal clients have kept this industry thriving.  The passion, skill, and dedication of these people have made the fur trade a better, responsible industry that has a firm place in today’s society. The loyalty of all people concerned, and the support we got even in the most difficult times kept me going, especially when times were rough.”
Makes me proud to support the fur industry in whatever small way I do.

 The IFTF promotes a positive image of fur in the realm of fashion and clothing design.  This is a foreign world to most of us trappers, but I find it amusing that our world of dirt holes, chest waders and skunk essence is so connected to the world of supermodels and fashion shows.  I also find it gratifying to think that the skill of some trapper or the hard work of some rancher is behind that beautiful coat worn by a supermodel on a catwalk.  I like the results of our work!


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