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Egg Shells and Bones for Trap Set Eye Appeal

by Tony Hursman

This location is at the top of a ridge were I have seen coyotes digging and scratching around for moles and mice.  This is a step down set where I dug a small pit then placed the dirt hole about 2 inches below the dirt line. In the first pic I show were I have the Montana No. 3 dogless trap with offset jaws placed in the little pit.  I have packed the jaws in dirt and have placed a grass wad under pan to keep dirt from getting under it.  All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

In the second pic you can see where I have used the extra dirt from the hole and pit to sift over the trap. When I do this I want the trap pan to be the lowest spot at the set. This should be were the fox or coyote will step when he starts to dig at the hole. Notice the dirt is smooth and no debris is present to get caught in the jaws.

The next pic shows were I have taken half an egg and have seated it at the bottom of the hole, and the rest I have set around the front entrance to the hole. This pit set up imitates a turtle nest that has been dug by another animal.  The egg shells not only add some scent attraction but also some eye appeal into the equation. The egg in the hole and shells scattered around the hole will cause curiosity in any canine. The cow jaw bone adds even more visual aid to the set.

The final pic shows a view of the set from a distance.  Notice how the white bones stand out against the grass and timber. This alone would work on the curiosity factor but with the shells added the animal will swear there is food buried there. This set up is great on fox and cats if set on sign.

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