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Snaring Tire Tracks

by "ADC" in Iowa

Here's the one I snared....

And here's how I did it....
Notice the second snare in the left tire track (click pic to enlarge).

I drove along a fence through this corn field.  Knowing that fox take the path of least resistance, I stopped and walked back in my tire tracks about 20 yards until I found a spot where a cornstalk was sticking up near the tire tracks and simply hung the snare over the track using an 8" loop 8" off the ground. I use #9 wire pigtailed on a 20-24" long 1/2" rebar stake to both support and anchor the snare. If you look you can see the snare in the other tire track still set. I make up to 3 sets in each track every fifty yards or so. I use live catch snares for fox due to the deer stop laws in Iowa.  They won't close tight enough to kill a fox so I use bigger cable (3/32) and bigger locks (Hanson Washers or Heavy Berkshire Washers) to prevent fur damage. I hope this helps you all out.

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