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Pipe Set for Raccoons

by Tony Hursman of Alabama

The first pic is of a typical location for a pipe set along a lake bank. This set up has yielded a lot of coon as well as some rats and mink for me. I like a bank that is a little higher than the water.  All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The second pic is of the tools I use to make the set: a piece of field drainage pipe about 20 inches long, a Victor 1 1/2 trap with the square pan and my trap shovel for digging in the bank.

The 3rd pic is of the hole being dug to the proper depth and width of pipe. Remember to save the dirt for filling around the exposed pipe.

The 4th pic is the pipe inserted in the bank hole. The dirt is applied to cover at least 3/4 of the pipe, leaving at least 4 inches exposed.

The 5th pic shows the set with the camouflage added and the trap placement.  I set the trap so just the pan is exposed. The pipe is extended beyond the bank and the trap is set about 3 inches in front of the pipe to force the coon to the deeper water at the end of pipe and away from bank. He will have to raise up to see in the pipe which puts his back foot in the trap. The trap is attached to a drowner wire.

The final pic is everything set up and a view of the set from a distance, as a passing coon would see it.  Add a little bait and lure to the hole and you're set to catch those coons at the water's edge.

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