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Making PVC Pipe Sets for Raccoons

by Hunter in Minnesota

Tools needed...Sawzall or hacksaw, hammer, drill, tape measure, sharpie, pliers and PVC piping with 90 degree angles.  All pics can be enlarged.

Take your measurement and mark you PVC were it is to be cut.  I cut mine so that the end you push into the ground is at a 45 degree angle.

I make two sizes: 12 inch for hard ground and 18 inches for soft ground.  Mark the tops of them with your sharpie if you wish.  I do so just to make sure I grab the right one when I'm in a hurry.

If you have problems with coon pulling them out you can drill a hole through the center and wire it off to a disposable stake and then drive into the ground. This really helps if you are trapping a river with a fast current where your pipe could float down stream.

And here is the trap placement in front of the baited pipe (trap would be under shallow water).

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