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The Fascinating History of Oneida Traps

Oneida traps were first produced by a religious commune in 1852.  Their traps were named after one of their best blacksmiths, Sewell Newhouse.  They began producing the "Victor" line of traps in 1886, and by 1910 they reported sales of seven million traps. The history of Oneida traps is documented in an exhibit organized by the Oneida Community Mansion House, Sherrill Manufacturing Inc., and trap collector Edward Knobloch. Nearly100 traps from Knobloch's collection are on display in the historic Sherrill factory complex where the traps were made. The exhibit is called "Oneida Game Traps, 1852-1925: The Edward J. Knobloch Collection."  The full story of Oneida traps, and more information on this remarkable exhibit, can be found here. 


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