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Dental Floss and Trapping

 by Tom Sabo in British Columbia

Dental floss is a very important trapping item for me. I do not go out on the line or work in the skinning shed without a roll or two. It is light, compact, and very strong for its size. I prefer the waxed variety as it is the easiest to work with. There are many uses for it on the line and in the workshop, such as sewing beaver and otter leg holes and accidental cuts in hides, hanging cat cubby set attractors and bait/lure holders as well as positioning snares.

Have you ever had a problem hanging large loop snares in the position desired, or have snares that want to twist on you? Dental floss provides a quick and efficient answer for these problems. Simply pull off an appropriate length for the situation, tie a half hitch around the snare loop in a suitable location, lift the snare into the desired position, then tie the other end of the floss to a bush, tree or tree limb. The dental floss looks like a spider web, is virtually invisible and will not alarm the animal you are trying to catch.


The floss is highlighted between the red lines

Many trappers use mono-filament fishing line for various purposes on the trapline. I find that dental floss can be used for the same purposes, in most situations, and is, in my opinion, easier to work with than the fishing line. 

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