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Temporary Trapping Ban in New Mexico

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, Gov. Bill Richardson issued an executive order that bans trapping for six months in a large portion of the New Mexico side of the New Mexico-Arizona border.  Ostensibly, the ban is to allow wildlife biologists the time to study the effects of trapping on the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf population, which has been reintroduced to the area by the federal government.  Of course, animal rights groups are calling it a victory.

The story at this link, however, goes on to say how ranchers have suffered loss of livestock since the Mexican Gray wolf was reintroduced.  One may wonder why federal dollars are being spent to reintroduce a predator that hurts the local economy, then trapper's rights are taken away to avoid the off chance of an incidental capture.  Loss of livestock and trapping rights seem to be the only results of our tax dollar funded efforts to coddle the Mexican Gray Wolf.

The article goes on to say that two such wolves were so severely injured by traps that they had to have legs amputated.  Anyone who has any real knowledge of trapping probably will find such a claim very suspicious at best.  Sounds like more animal rights propaganda parading as news.  Send an email off to Governor Richardson and ask him to support the rights of ranchers and trappers over a handful of animal rights lobbyists.  Contact information can be found here.     

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