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Snare Set for Bobcats

by Tom Pindell in Wyoming

Here is one snare set up I use that was reportedly pioneered by Keith Gregerson.  It stays working in some of the worst weather.  The following pictures can all be enlarged by clicking on them.

I start with two pieces of woven wire fence and make kind of a tunnel out of it like this.

Then I will hang a chunk of rabbit in it from the top, just so it will hang down and the cats can see it as they are checking it out.  I didn't have bait when I went and built this for the pictures, so I just used a glove to illustrate what I'm talking about. This is what it would look like.

After I have the rabbit inside I will put in some good gland lure also, then cover the wire tunnel with pine or cedar bows, or even sage brush.  Always make sure to cover the top really well, as I have had some cats try to get at the rabbit from the top.

Here is a wider view of the set, which you can see has its own eye appeal.  I will also add some flags on the trees close to it just for more eye appeal.

 I hang the snares on both sides coming into the cubby.

I put in a stake right beside the cubby to anchor the snares, but I have also used trees to tie off the snares.

The last picture is of the finished set.  I believe you could also make the same set with foothold traps at both ends instead of snares, but I have not tried it yet. I have taken several cats in these little cubbys over the years with snares.


  1. Great idea for those good locations which do not have the tight clump of trees I usually look for. I can probably put it to use in a number of locations. Although walk thru cubbies require two traps, or snares, they are very effective on many species. Excellent post.

    Tom Sabo

  2. Yea this is an excellent Cat Snare set,I took instructions from Keith and he ask that I never disclose that set as it was for his student,obviously one of his students couldn't keep from telling the world but,its a great set.Larry Gene Pate

    PS I know a great deal more about that set but won't disclose it.