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Snare Preparation

by "ADC" in Iowa

I like to use the Formula 1 dye, as it is fast and easy when you have a bunch of snares to do. I also like painting them with a LIGHT coat of cammo paint. If you coil them together and spray each side with different colors of cammo, when you un-coil them they blend in so well I can hardly find them. Spray paint is too expensive when you have 1000 snares to do, so I most often use the F1.

I mix the F1 like the can says (or thinner), uncoil my snares and dip them 1 dozen at a time and drop them on cardboard to dry for an hour or so. They are then done. Just one dip is all you want to keep from impeding the locks performance.

I used to boil snares in baking soda but I never liked the chalky feel or the resulting look of the snares. And I have learned this...You don't ever want to boil all the oil off your snares.  I know that's controversial, but this is a learning post so here's why... If you boil off all the oil it removes the oils from the center strands of the cable.  Without this oil, the first time the snares see any moisture or high humidity the cable begins to corrode/rust from the inside out. This is often very gradual, so if your snares are used and connect the first year or two after you boil them it will not be such a big a deal.  HOWEVER, after a couple years in Iowa's climate the cable becomes stiffer and weaker. I've had snares get so bad that if you'd bend a kink in the cable by hand the strands would actually break (not all them but some). So, I think if you have only a few snares to do you can just cammo them with spray paint, but if you have a bunch to do use the F1.

Furthermore, I'd venture to guess that the guys who boil snares in baking soda have never tried the F1 or they would switch if for no other reason than it's much quicker.  The F1 makes for a way better camo look, too. I use the brown F1.

Here are my snares bunched in dozens and ready to dip....

Before the Formula 1:

And after:

All done...

Closer up...
I really like that F1 for fast snare prep! Enjoy!

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