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Snare Loading

by Tom Sabo in British Columbia

Snare loading is a method of adjusting the snare so that it has a rounder loop and will work more efficiently. To load the snare, grab the lock with your left hand and about 7 inches of cable with your right hand. Run this portion of cable several times over a small round rod or screwdriver that has been clamped in a vise. Do not apply too much pressure or the snare will become kinked. Practice will teach you how much pressure is needed to provide a round loop that will close quickly when little pressure is applied to the bottom of the loop.

I acquired this bit of snaring knowledge, and more, from one of the many books I have bought over the years, called "Snare Lines Across the West" by James Lucero.

In the following pictures of well loaded snares, the loading is to the left of the lock. Load the cable from the lock out, not the cable the lock runs over.

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