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Ruger Bearcat as a Trapline Gun

     A trusty firearm is an important tool on the trapline.  I rarely use a firearm for dispatch because there are other methods that do less damage to your catch and less to disturb your set area, but I still find a sidearm useful while trapping.  Some situations do call for a firearm to dispatch.  You may also have feral dogs in your area to worry about, and if you happen to be trapping during small game season you may find furry little targets of opportunity while you are checking your line.  Besides these uses, I think it's always just a good idea to have a sidearm while running your trapline.

     I have carried a Ruger Bearcat for the last few years and it has proven to be a reliable, lightweight, accurate little pistol.  If you are familiar with the Ruger Single-Six, just picture that pistol scaled down to about half size.  It has the same classic single-action design that is reminiscent of Remington Civil War era revolvers, with a one piece frame and a six shot cylinder.  The four inch barrel has a fixed sights, which some may find to be a drawback, but the gun is not meant to be a 50 yard tack driver.  My sights are dead on at 25 yards with certain types of .22 ammo, which took a bit of experimentation.  The gun is very lightweight but all steel and built sturdy.  You don't even notice it on your hip...speaking of which, Ruger also has an excellent leather belt holster made specifically for the Bearcat.

Durable?  I almost don't know how to describe it.  I've carried mine on my hip through swamps and snowstorms, and my kids and I have put untold thousands of rounds through it.  Still looks like new and works like a champ.  This little gun will do just about anything a trapper needs a gun to do.  Besides that, I'm just a sucker for the single-action style of revolver.  It's got class!

More info is available at this link.

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