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Home-Made Trapper's Cap for MB Traps

Mark Earl from Michigan provided these pictures of the trapper's cap he made out of PVC pipe to fit the pan of an MB 650 trap.  I personally love using a trapper's cap as it enables you to pack dirt very tightly inside the jaws of the trap and eliminates the need for a pan cover (provided you are not dealing with freezing conditions).  I have only seen them marketed for #1.5, #1.75 and #2 sized traps.  It's probably only a matter of time before someone starts making them to fit the excellent MB traps, but until then Mr. Earl's innovation looks very promising.

As you can tell, the cap simply consists of a proper size piece of PVC pipe.  Mark adds, "You will notice the grooves cut into the PVC. I had to cut them so it would fit all the way down. When you get one and set it on the trap you will see what I mean. The corners of the pan and the dog are kind of in the way."

Thanks for this tip Mark.

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