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Foxes by the 100's by Russ Carman

Book Review by James Holm

      Lets go back a few years and look at a fox trapping book that I recently reread and was amazed at how even now 20+ years later it still has very sound and very usable information. The book I am referring to is Foxes by the 100's by Russ Carman.  The information in this book is more than solid for fox trappers of all experience levels. Russ makes it no secret that he believes the dirt hole set has been used incorrectly for many years by many trappers!

      I am personally not a K9 trapper with any real experience with coyotes, but I have caught some fox over the years and this book makes sense to me.  Anyone with even a small population of foxes can and should be able to increase how many foxes they are catching every year. The illustrations and pictures in this book do a great job of explaining the sets and how they should be used. Also in the book are locations with photos to help novice fox trappers succeed immediately. I am not saying this book will make you a professional fox trapper after your first or second year out, but it will definitely make you a better fox trapper as soon as you start using the methods Russ advocates in this book, no matter your skill level. I also think that you can take the information in this book and cross it over to other animals with a little thought and increase catches in other areas of your trap line. See you on the line…

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