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Ron Marsh's Retrievable Cable Stake

review by CJ Williams

     A member of the Pennsylvania Trapper's Association, Ron Marsh, has started a small but innovative business in his hometown of Oil City, PA.  "Ron's Cable Shop" carries a full line of trapping equipment and also a few innovative tools which Ron invented, including the retrievable cable stake.  This caught my eye because, like most trappers, I find it a real pain to pull up cable stakes at the end of the season and end up leaving many of them, only to have to make dozens more for the following season.  This tool that Ron invented looks promising, and I plan to purchase one from him at the PA Trapper's convention in June.  I'll follow up on this post once I get some hands-on experience with Ron's invention, but in the meantime I thought I'd post this to get the word out, especially if you plan to go to PA's convention this month.  Here are a few pictures from Ron's website showing how his retrievable cable stake works, and his contact information is below.  I hope Ron will come along and make a few comments, too!

Ron's Cable Shop
11 South Park Avenue
Oil City, PA 16301

Visit Ron's Website

Edited to add:  Ron got in touch with me to let me know that he has incorporated a few improvements to the retrievable cable stake:

"A change on the RCS this year is that 6" of chain is available on the load line. The anchor has changed from a washer to a solid disk. This was for uniformity from stake to stake.  The all cable version will still continue to be available."

While you're at Ron's website you'll also want to check out his J-hook tool, which he says has been his best selling item for a few years now.

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