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Dirt-Hole Pictorial

by Ricky Cox in Texas

I start by finding my location.  In this picture there's coyote tracks running down the left side of the dirt road beside the four wheeler.

Now I dig my bed in a bowl shape.

Then I drive my pogo stake right down in the center of my bed.

Now I dig my dirthole and bed my trap solid.

Now I sift the dirt over the trap and pour the chunks of dirt on both sides to form an upside down "V" shape back to the hole. I also make sure the area right above the trap pan is the lowest spot in my set.

Then I put a chunk of my favorite bait down the hole and cover it with a little clump of dead grass, or sheep's wool, etc... Then my lure goes on top of that in the hole and I might put just a little piece of backing at the back side of the hole. Here's the finished set:

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