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Hello, and welcome to Trapping Supplies Review! I started this website because I am passionate about trapping and wanted to create a place where trappers could come and share their opinions on our sport, our equipment and our way of life. There are many valuable resources on the Internet for trappers these days, but I hope this site will fill a niche by including product reviews and tips about trapping equipment. After all, trapping requires a certain amount of gear, and we're all looking for things to make us more efficient and successful trappers. By sharing our knowledge we can get a leg up on what works and what doesn't, and spend less time and money in the search for the right equipment.  Along the way I'd like to feature other articles that highlight techniques and tips from experienced trappers, and maybe a few articles on the political and historical dimensions of trapping.

Your participation is what will make this website a success. If you'd like to contribute a review or article please contact me with your idea (click my profile link at the bottom of the sidebar on the left). Feel free to leave comments in response to any post if you have an opinion or perspective to add.

I sincerely thank you for visiting this site and participating in this venture. Trappers need to stick together like never before, not just to get the most out of our sport but also to preserve and promote the great heritage in which we stand. I hope this website will help us attain these goals.

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