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Modern Gray Fox Trapping

by Tracy Truman

     Perhaps the only trapping book focused exclusively on gray fox, this 69 page work is dedicated to helping trappers understand the biological make-up of the gray fox and how to use that information to take more fur. With over 30 years of trapping experience, the author highlights the unique characteristics of this interesting furbearer. Tracy covers fox trapping equipment and set location, and also discusses the best lures and baits. He also provides a wealth of lure and bait formulas that have been tried and tested to appeal to grays. Tracy was one of the first trappers to test lures, baits and set construction with trail cameras, so he could see for himself which odors were most attractive, and what type of set construction cut down on misses. The book is a total of 69 pages, and uses dozens of full color photos to show set location, construction and equipment. Many of the photos are from trail cameras and show exactly how grays approach and work a set. (Tracy also produced a DVD with the same title, using actual video footage of fox working sets, lures and baits).

     This book also includes a host of scientific studies and references to flesh out gray fox densities in different geographical regions, as well as home range, Fall dispersal issues and family size groups. All of this information can greatly help you on the trapline to connect with more fox in a shorter period of time.

     Tracy is a native of Nevada but has trapped much of the West. He started trapping as a young boy and paid for most of his college education as a trapper, working on coyotes during the summer for sheepmen, and trapping bobcats, fox, coyotes and badgers during the winter fur season. He is an attorney by profession and still manages to make triple digit gray fox catches every year, as well as getting his share of those high-priced Nevada bobcats.

You can find his website here: Modern Gray Fox Trapping

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