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The Bridger 1.5 Coilspring Trap

Bridger No. 1.65 Coil Spring Trap Jaw Spread 5 3/8"
Review by Jim Shore of Paola, Kansas
     I have been trapping 2 years and these are the first traps that I bought upon the recommendation of my brother in law, who has been trapping for a while longer than me. I am very pleased with them and have caught several coons and possum in them over the past couple of seasons. The first thing that caught my eye about them was the thick jaws when compared to other traps of the same size. I have looked over one other brand in particular in the local farm store and the Bridger is just an all around heavier built trap that will last many seasons with repeated abuse from aggressive coons. The frame is put together well and the chain is a much heavier machine chain rather than the double loop style. I also like the pan and dog on these traps. There is a bump on the dog that clicks when the pan is level (night latched) which saves the trouble of modifying the trap in that manner if you want a night latched trap. The pan is one solid piece and the dog goes under the pan instead of having a notched piece of metal welded to the pan. Modifications are easy with this trap. Pan tension is set with a steel bolt and nylock nut. The trap chain can be moved to the center just by spreading the rivet and putting it through the hole in the frame and crimping it back down and it has a long spring pin which will allow 4 coiling by just adding them on. Of course it should be baseplated if 4 coiling is done, the same with any other trap. Here are a few pics of the trap doing it's thing:

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  1. hey but your not suppose to have your traps in the drains like that one picture with the raccoon in it!?